ZendroVerse Rules

[1] Any griefing or theft of claimed loot is prohibited.

[2] Targeted harassment of any kind (spawn killing, bullying) will result in a ban.

[3] It's taboo to use hacked clients or cheating, this include x-ray texture packs or mining/path tracing bots.

[4] This is solely an English Server.

[5] Doxing is rejected.

[6] Don't advertise other servers, websites, YouTube channel, or any other social networks. (You are permitted to advertise your website and YouTube channel if it presents content from VendroVerse.)

[7] Inappropriate skins, names, or builds is forbidden.

[8] Impersonating other players isn't allowed.

[9] Never joke about self harm, sexual assault or hate crimes.

Note: Breaking the rules may result in being muted, kicked, or banned.